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Discover our $50k Annual Professional Guardian Bonds from $175 per year. Specializing in Probate and annual bonds​ for the Florida Office of Public & Professional Guardians OPPG/DOEA


Professional Guardian

50,000​ Bonds for the Office of Public & Professional Guardians OPPG/DOEA

Public Guardian

Any bond amount from 5,000 and up for individual Florida counties

Annual Approvals

For Professional Fidicuaries requiring multiple bonds each year, we only need to check your credit once.

Individual Cases

We have multiple bonding companies to accomidate most any guardianship bond situation.

Beyond an agency, we're your probate bond partner, enhancing your firm's image.

Shop Multiple Bonding Companies

Why work with an agency offering only one choice? We evaluate each application and submit to the best value company.

Apply Online

Why mess with paper forms? We can get the process started with a simple online form. 

Electronic Delivery

Why wait for bonds in the mail? We delivery bonds by email or electroncially where accepted.

Personal Agent

Why talk with messengers? We offer personal, direct contact with issuing agent or underwriter for each bond.

Facts & Questions

A few frequently asked questions about purchsing a Professional Guardian Bond from this website.

How does buying a Professional Guardian Bond on this website work?

Answer. After applying, our licensed agent reviews your application within 2 to 4 business hours, submits it to the best-value bonding company, and typically approves qualified applicants within 24 hours, often the same day. Once approved, we'll email you a payment link, and upon payment, we'll issue the bond within another 2 to 4 hours, along with an email for immediate printing.

Why should I purchase a Professional Guardian Bond from this website?

Answer. Unlike local agents, we specialize in probate court bonds. In contrast to national bonding agencies, our focus is specifically on probate. We combine the best of both worlds. Choosing us means establishing a lasting relationship with a probate professional who is dedicated to answering all your probate bonding questions.

Is the $175 rate guaranteed for my bond, and how is the price determined?

Answer. We allocate each application to the best-value bond, taking into account different criteria and rates from various bonding companies based on qualifications. If you qualify, you'll be eligible for the $175 rate. If not, we'll place your bond with the most cost-effective company tailored to your needs.

How many bonding companies do you issue bonds through, are you restricted to just one?

Answer. As independent agents, we are directly appointed with four bonding companies and can access an additional dozen or more through various brokers. Our flexibility enables collaboration with multiple bonding companies, avoiding restrictions to just one.

Is the process fully automated, or is there human review involved?

Answer. Our agency utilizes diverse bond platforms and companies, offering both automated and individual review options. Currently, most bonds on this website undergo manual review to ensure placement with the most cost-effective bonding company tailored to your needs.

Do I need to speak with someone before the bond is issued?

Answer. No, the majority of our Professional Guardian Bonds are processed online and via email. We typically don't need to speak by phone with most applicants unless they have questions that cannot be resolved through email. However, customers are always welcome to call us at any time or schedule a specific appointment if needed. Please keep in mind we may reach out by phone to verify information.

What are the qualifications to obtain a Professional Guardian Bond?

Answer. To secure a Professional Guardian Bond, credit history is the primary consideration due to the responsibility of managing others' assets. A strong credit score is crucial for approval, as a poor credit history may indicate less than ideal handling of personal assets, making bonding companies hesitant to approve such cases. Additionally, factors like education, background, and experience are also taken into account in the qualification process.

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